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# Otacode ## Open Data Initiative * Combine as much *Finnish* company related data to single database and spicy it (open for additional ideas/sources!) * Utilize various open data sources, web scraping and open APIs * Make the data available via * Various websites * APIs * (Mobile app) ----- # Pleothra of sources * Company registry data and changes (YTJ, PRH) * IRS data ( * Tenders data (EU & Filand) (EUIPO & Hilma) * Governmental subsidies (Business Finlad, MOT) * Domain record analysis and IP geodata (TrafiCom, Cymru) * Public sector purchase data (Hansel, large cities) * Website data analysis (Websites, SOME channels) * Currencies (European Central Bank) * (Trademark data) ----- # URLs * []( - Search (.fi) domains owned by companies&organizations with in-depth analysis about the sites * []( - Tenders from Finnish public sector * []( - Tenders from EU * []( - Trademarks registered in EU * []( - All about Finnish companies ----- # A blockquote & image ![Mother Teresa holding a newborn baby](images/3476636111_c551295ca4_b.jpg) > Spread love everywhere you go. > Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier. *-- Mother Teresa* Image credit: [Peta de Aztlan]( CC-BY 2.0 ----- # Code When also using [Highlight.js]( integration, code blocks in Markdown are converted to HTML first, then colored by Highlight.js: // `init` API function that initializes (and runs) the presentation. var init = function () { if (initialized) { return; } execPreInitPlugins(); // First we set up the viewport for mobile devices. // For some reason iPad goes nuts when it is not done properly. var meta = $("meta[name='viewport']") || document.createElement("meta"); meta.content = "width=device-width, minimum-scale=1, maximum-scale=1, user-scalable=no"; if (meta.parentNode !== document.head) { = 'viewport'; document.head.appendChild(meta); } ----- # Slide separator * 5 dashes are used to separate slides: `-----` * Attributes from `div.step` element are simply repeated. * Better use relative positioning, lest your slides will all be on top of each other. * If you need to set some attributes, just use HTML and create a div element, then write Markdown inside each div.
# Title slide ## This slide has different CSS class than the previous ones
# Simplicity of Markdown & Full power of Impress.js * This slide sets its own `rotate`, `x`, `y`, and even `z` coordinates * Note that the Mother Teresa slide earlier was pimped with some custom CSS, all the while the content was written in simple Markdown.

CSS & JavaScript magic

Just to emphasize my point, this last slide allows you to use a JavaScript powered menu to toggle the CSS style:

Black & white, Devopsy, Effects overload

Simplicity of Markdown married with full power of Impress.js!