Otacode is a one stop shop for all your IT needs - for turnkey solutions or for projects of any size. Architecture design, website, hosting, domains, online shop, databases, service management, etc. Please see below for more comprehensive list of services.

Currently Otacode is allocating all resources to the Datalab project as data warehouse and analytics showcase.

Customer promise

  1. All recommended software components are by default free and open source from well maintained projects with solid maintenance. That means no money wasted on software licenses or possible audit liability issues
  2. All recommended software is supported by Otacode. You can buy maintenance from Otacode, some other company or just maintain it by yourself. No vendor lock-in
  3. You own the code! Code ownership and documentation included. No hidden costs


Currently building massive fully automated Finland/EU specific Data Warehouse. Gathering data from all possible open data sources and combining it with scraped data and data from open APIs. Read more about the current datalab initiative here.

Why? Because data analytics is fun! Additional feedback and ideas are most welcome.
Currently running on hybrid cloud utilizing seven servers: backend consisting of 50+ xeon cores and 300+GB of ECC RAM on bare metal, dual HA WAN connections, 30+ repositories, etc. The amount of data is expected to at least double within next year

Rows of data

MB of files

Distribution of data on the database... just getting started


Following services are available but not limited to

Full stack development
Turning Your ideas to actual working code that You own
Purchase and configuration of domains and also authorized .fi domain reseller
Security best practises
Creating and implementing security policies so that You survive legal and audit requirements
Database consulting
Databases are easy but can get complicated when scope changes and/or grows. Data migration/ETL tasks are provided too
Help on hardware lifecycle management
New, used, purchase, maintenance, orchestration - all your questions deserve an answer
Assistance to pro bono / charity causes
Assistance for free when not over committed
Licensing assitance
Confidential licensing audits and license optimization in infrastructure
Free datasets to academics
Do you need tens of millions of rows of Internet relateds data? You can get it totally free
Reporting solutions
Reporting for free? Yes, not everyone needs Azure BI
Cloud service implementations
Everyone is talking about cloud and you head is spinning. Let's choose the best cloud for Your needs and wallet
Guidance on any aspect of web technology
Technical roadmaps are challenging but help is near
Turnkey solutions
Servers, virtualization, operating systems, middleware, databases, coding, reporting, monitoring, APIs, domains, DNS, emails, social media, etc... Getting confused? Turnkey solution coming up
Online shops
Want your own online shop? Evaluation and implementation that fits Your needs
Reverse engineering
Want extra set of hands to reverse engineering your proprietary/legacy software's data. No problem
Project management
Connecting the dots on any size of project


By default all Open Source is supported. Due to the nature of proprietary software only ones with reasonable free tier is supported. Who in their right mind would use Oracle anyways?

In details

List of mostly used technologies. If technology missing please check.

Operating systems All Linux flavours, Windows servers and BSD on special cases
Databases PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, SQL Server, (Oracle licensing only)
Web servers Nginx, Apache and IIS
Coding PHP, Python, Bash, JavaScript, Active Server Pages, Perl
Cloud capacity AWS, Digital Ocean, Hetzner, Scaleway, UpCloud, Azure, Alibaba Cloud and many more
Monitoring / Reporting / SIEM Zabbix, Icinga/Nagios, ELK stack, Graylog, AWStats, Graphite, PHP monitor and many more
Frameworks Bootstrap, Semantic-UI/Fomantic-UI, etc
Misc software ManageEngine, SnipeIT, WordPress, OpenCart, Magento, OwnCloud, FreeNAS, etc. Just ask if your flavor is not listed

Previous projects

Some earlier projects

Documentation for everyone! Sharing is caring. Introducing console.guru. Share your knowledge and enjoy the wisdom of others. Built on top of Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP stack using Bootstrap and AJAX.
OHAS home automation system
Home automation. Home at palm of your hand everywhere at anytime. Introducing smart house. Built on top of Linux, Nginx, Galera cluster (MariaDB), PHP and utilizing sensors from wired 1-wire systems and wireless 433,92 MHz Telldus systems with a touch of JavaScript, HTML and Google charts.
Icinga implementation
Monitoring everything. Solution to every use case. Introducing Icinga installation for 2000+ items plus several hundreds subchecks. Built on top of Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl/Python/PHP and utilizing Icinga with various in-house built plugin and SNMP enhancements. Services, sites, applications, operating systems, middlewares, hardware, networks, appliances, sensors, alarms, reporting - everything is covered!
Application for any terminal size. Responsive terminal independent software. Introducing worktime.me. Mobile optimized work time tracking system. Built on top of Linux, Nginx, Galera cluster (MariaDB) and PHP using jQuery mobile framework.

... And many more

Hewlett-Packard Service Based Collaboration (SBC) tool

Built on Windows Server and MS SQL Server using ASP, CSS, HTML, T-SQL, SSIS and JavaScript. Tool that combined HP's Enterprise Server List (ESL (Asset Management)), OpenView tool (ITSM), Order & pricing RfC (Lotus Notes), Nokia's portfolio tool (SPT). The SBC tool combined data from several sources and greatly enhanced the service delivery process within Nokia account. The tool also included various reporting utilities that were widely used in Nokia/NSN data center transformation projects and service KPI quality assurance.

Nokia Service Portfolio Tool (SPT)

Built on Windows Server and SQL server using ASP, CSS, HTML and JavaScript. One portfolio tool to manage them all: five separate portfolio tools from delivery silos were combined into single one with service delivery mindset (service owners, delivery organization, recovery plans, etc)

... Plus many smaller internal tools.

Teemu Otala

M.Sc.(Eng), building great things since 1994 and loving connecting the dots.

20+ years of experience in programming, operating systems, databases, middleware, server hardware, data centers, virtualization, networks and licencing among other things.