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Open Data revolution

On a mission to combine all Finnish company related open data!

Collect data

Started at 2018!

… and already combining data from 67+ sources.

Soon moving to open integrations, mobile app, a new kind of search engine, US & world patents, etc just to mention few... also Estonian open data to follow

Just getting started!

Some statistics

Rows in database


Data lake

Data sources

So far covered

See how the data is distributed. Annual growth of 100+% for second year in a row!

Connecting the dots

It’s not only about the data

It’s about improving the data quality with algorithms and a vision to connect the dots to create intuitive dashboards and integrations with easy access to the end users.


A platform with no vendor lock-in

… and always open source


  • Linux
  • HA PostgreSQL & Elasticsearch & Redis & MariaDB
  • Nginx & Let’s encrypt
  • Python & PHP & JavaScript & Bash & Dart
  • Docker, Git, postgREST and many more


  • Running on hybrid cloud
    • Reused branded servers (40+ xeon cores, 400+GB of ECC RAM, 20+Tb of RAID 1 storage) for reliability and data consistency. Custom built Ryzen servers where speed is essential
    • Iaas from multiple cloud providers
    • Infinite scaling


  • WAN: dual HA WAN connections (500/100M (fiber) & 100/100M (LTE)) with automatic failover
  • LAN: Fully managed 10Gb network


Bringing data to You


Everything about websites related to Finnish companies. Not limited to .fi domains. Amount of data growing at incredible speed.

Speed analysis, enhanced content analysis, etc coming soon!


All possible data about the Finnish public companies. Fully automated incremental company data collection always at your disposal.

New features, sources and analytics added all the time.


All EU IPO (Intellectual Property Office) data: applicants, designs, trademarks just for you. Full XML files available with objections and other nitty-gritty details.

WIPO and USPTO data to follow later.


Finnish tenders. As the original data quality leaves a lot to desire we have fixed it especially for you. Analytics and original XML files also available.

Additional analytics and API coming soon.


EU tenders since 07/2018. For now only used for analytics purposes but in future with advanced search functionalities, analytics and tailored alarms.


Free collected data for all – of course! This is the main distribution domain for all open data collected by all Otacode projects. Ideas are welcome!


A new kind of search engine for all data available in verkkotunnus.eu and yritys.io. (Kookkeli is a tongue-in-cheek name for Google in Finnish language).

No user data collection – built-in privacy.


Not all city and community purchase data can be mapped with public companies hence a site to provide superior search and analytics.

It’s your money (=taxes) and we need transparency!

Your idea?

Your idea could be the next big thing. Lets get in touch and create something beautiful!

World is far from ready – lets start building!

Helping small business thrive


Eläinlääkäripalveluja suurella sydämmellä.

Kotikäynnit vaivattomasti Nurmijärveltä joka viikonpäivänä

(Otacode installed and hosts the publication platform. Website design by Otacode)


Kattavat ympäristöpalvelut osaavasti.

(Otacode installed and hosts the publication platform. Helping with the email, DNS, etc services)


ElFys provides photodetectors and related services for various light detection applications. We design, develop and manufacture customized photodetectors as well as standard products to fulfill the demanding requirements of our customer. 

(Otacode installed and maintains the publication platform. Helping with collaboration tools and site development)

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